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To catalyze the needed policy changes on clean energy and climate action, Blue Planet Foundation aims to empower youth across Hawaii to more fully engage in advocacy activities through its Climate Crew program.

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"Climate Crew allowed me to create change in my community and push for the changes that I wanted to see in the world."

"I joined the Climate Crew because I wanted to really push myself to do something new. I enjoyed collaborating with students the same age as me."

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Climate Action Highlights

Aidan Gregerson helped execute the Kauai Home Energy Retrofit Savings (HERS) Program, which educates and equips Kauai residents with tools to cut energy bills during the 2020 pandemic.

Climate Crew member, Kawika Pegram, was a featured panelist at the 2020 Hawai‘i Climate Conference.

Kimi Kawasaki started the Salt Lake Community Garden Project, which supports local agriculture and cuts harmful CO2 emissions.

Climate Camp

Climate Camp is a two-day, invitation-only training program, where high school students receive exclusive training on climate science, civic engagement, and effective advocacy efforts.


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